Rückruf XDeep Atemregler NX700

Hallo zusammen,

leider gibt es einen Rückruf seitens XDeep für den Atemregler NX700. Vielleicht nutzt der eine oder andere den Regler. XDeep schreibt:

Recalls are always tough however, safety is most important. We inform with the responsibility that all NX700 regulators are being removed from the market due to an identified potential life safety issue.

Our quality assurance program received one report of a first stage with a broken turret connection screw, which resulted in a complete turret failure. Once we were informed, we immediately tried to recreate the failure to fully understand the root cause but were unfortunately not successful.

We do, however, believe that the screw could fail in case of external impact, like a falling tank, or even after many working cycles due to mechanical stress. This leads us to conclude that the screw is potentially not strong enough, forcing us to rethink this component’s engineering completely.

Pushing the envelope with a truly innovative design comes with the risk that despite working with an experienced manufacturer, CE approval, and rigorous testing, certain manufacturing issues may still be discovered through our continued quality assurance program following the product’s release to a broader audience.

If you own an NX700 regulator, please stop using it immediately and contact your dealer, where you have purchased your unit, or directly with us at support@xdeep.pl

Please follow this link to get full information about the details of this action and the entire process:


We are deeply sorry for your inconvenience


Viele Grüße

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Leider schon der zweite Rückruf… :confused: