Sidemount-Forum goes English

Hello everybody,

since the project is running very well we are going the next step and welcome all the Non-German speaking Sidemount-Divers. We invite all to feel free to start posting here. We would also like to know if any sub categories are needed. Just ping us Admins and Mods via PN.

Have fun posting, reading and writing.

Thanks Chris that’s very nice.We are all part of the same project …diving.
Have a nice day…

welcome to all english speaking members! I’m sure this will bring some other points of view to the whole sidemount discussions in here!

kind regards

Thanks Sandro .You guys i still remember those days ,20 years ago diving in those murky waters am Kelsterbach sea near Frankfurt…I miss them…

Hy there,

good luck for this project!

All the best from northern germany,


Hi Dirk , thanks ,I find you people very friendly and I wish my best to this forum .Now let me philosophise a bit ,we humans start diving no mount ,the evolution bought backmount ,the revolution brings sidemount. It is definitely the future… have a nice evening.

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All the best to the new project…have fun!

Hi guys,

today we finished our latest projekt in the Lake of Constance (Bodensee). Wie prepared a safety rope and placed two teddy bears under water. Just be aware of them :smiley:

Well dan Roby ,safety goes first.The teddy bears? It is a new dive invention ?
Have fun and dive safe.

@Kosta: That kind of dive invention that makes us more emotionaly :smiley:

I love it ! can you send me a pic. of the Td.Brs Roby?
Thanks for replying .

The sun is shining.Τhe water is cold ,15c, is nothing compare to your lakes …but I need my dry gloves .Testing my home made sidemntd using single steel cylinder in a fresh water lake …

Air temperature 22 degrees, water 21 degrees. Sunny - and a couple of nice guys ready for Sidemount Diving. I Love it!
Greetz from Egypt.

Hello to Roby in Egypt.
You are so lucky to be in the sun!
Have a lot of fun and enjoy!