Sidemount has its purpose in the diving community

Just browsing the dive forums last night and was quite surprised about the dislike for sidemount diving/divers. Has anyone experienced any attitude at dive sites/dive boats?

For me, I’ve been diving/teaching SM for two years now in the Germany. Initially I was frowned upon, ridiculed and laughed at turning up in my rig at sites and on boats.
Over the last few months after the inquisitiveness has evolved into knowledge, more divers are realising that SM has an application and a purpose in the community. It has taken a strong hold and getting stronger by the week.
Maintaining a high standard has been my main objective over the time, as with any form of diving, there are method correct, interesting and ways of diving SM. I’m happy to say nowadays the firm respect of teaching this has overcome the ridiculing.
I’d like to add that no diver should be subjected to peer pressure or ridicule. „Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn“ Benjamin Franklin.

Enjoy and dive safe! :taucher4:

I have never encountered any negative attitude, just curiosity. But then I’ve not been on a dive boat for years and never in sidemount.
On the other hand I have observed that backmount cave divers get a some ridicule and jokes in certain locations where their configuration is considered outdated.